The Secrets of Havensburg

I’d like to give a little background to what I’m doing here with this story.  It’s actually comprised of several short pieces I wrote back in my days at East Carolina University.  Havensburg, NC is a fictional town.  I actually based it on Zebulon, NC.  Zebulon is a tiny town east of Raleigh.  I moved to Zebulon from Wilmington, NC with my family during the summer before my senior year of high school in 1984.  I thought it would be fun to piece together some of the stories I wrote with a interesting connection consisting of a neurotic man, a talking cat, and a decomposed woman.  I’m also a big fan and was influenced heavily by the 1970’s British horror anthology movies like Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror. Sound like fun?  Please be aware that this experiment in writing is a work in progress and I’ll post updates to “The Secrets of Havensburg” periodically.  So, here we we go.  Enjoy the first part entitled “The Thing from the Grave that Enjoyed Sweet Tea“.