The Thing From the Grave that Enjoyed Sweet Tea – It comes into the house

Todd stared down at the cat.  His silence showed he was not only dumb founded, but really confused.  “What kind of story is that cat?” he asked the cat.  Werewolves?   A blues guitarist?  Commitment!  Listen to me, when I started seeing your ass walk around here last week I took you for a stray.  I thought it would be cool to have a cat.  The company would be nice.  However, when you started talking to me, I knew my mind was going on vacation!  Then you wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Todd looked out the window again.  Lightning seemed to flash on que and he saw the decomposed woman again.  Her hands held up to him.

“Good God!” said Todd.  He ran his hands through his hair and quickly turned away and sat down on the couch which faced away from the window.

The cat jumped up onto the couch and began cleaning.  He then looked up at Todd.  “You are the key to this Toddy boy.”

“Huh?” replied Todd.  “What the fuck?  You you first started talking to me, you said the world is coming to an end.  The fourth world is about over.  The universe is aligning.  Now you say I am a key?    I must be dreaming!”

The cat then pounced on Todd’s left thigh and dug his front claws deep into his flesh.

“God damn!” screamed Todd as he jump up pushing the cat to the floor.

“Still think it’s a dream?” asked the cat.

The woman outside has now moved to the front door.  The door knob began to move back and forth, but the door did not open since it was locked.  A slow steady pounding then began.

“Let her in Todd”, said the cat.  “Go ahead.  It’ll be okay.  You know, a similar circumstance happened in this very house.  A young lad, such as you, let someone inside who ended up helping him find great potential inside himself.”

The pounding stopped.  The lock had given away and the door was opened.  The thing outside shuffled inside.


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