My thoughts about The Amazing Spider-Man

Overall, Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite Spider-Man, if not my favorite superhero movie; however, I have to say the Amazing Spider-Man ranks right up there. You can actually view this movie as the Ultimate Spider-Man (as in the Ultimate Marvel Universe) to Sam Raimi’s just plain old regular Marvel Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield was born to play Peter. His hooded, science geek, cell phone carrying skateboarder fits in better with today’s teen. Spidey purists will cry foul, but remember, this is more in tune with what is, I really think, the Ultimate Spider-Man version. Also, before seeing the movie, I didn’t think I would like the addition of the web shooters, but, darn it, they were just too cool. I believe the web shooters actually gives Spider-Man an vulnerability if they run out of webbing or if they’re simply destroyed.

I also enjoyed the underlying story concerning Parker’s parents. Are they dead? Missing? Did Peter’s dad experiment on a young Peter? Why else would a bite from a genetically altered spider give Peter Parker the proportional powers of a spider, but a genetically altered serum of a lizard make a guy transform completely into a reptile? I think something similar to what happened to Bruce Banner in Ang Lee’s Hulk happened to a young Peter Parker. In this version of Spider-Man, it seems Parker was always destined to be someone with extraordinary abilities.

Emma Stone did an okay job as Spider-Man’s first girlfriend. I’m more of a Mary Jane admirer. From a creative approach, the inclusion of Stacy is genius and will provide great character development for Peter when the inevitable future we all know happens to her by the hands of the Green Goblin. No appearance by the Goblin is shown or hinted at in this movie. I also think I even remember it being said Norman Osborne is dead.

The Lizard in this movie is not the best bad guy. The reptile SFX are a little cartoony at times, but the character works as Spider-Man’s first nemesis. Basically, Dr. Curt Connors’ role is to set up for the bigger story about Peter Parker parents that is coming later. Stay through the first part of the credits after the movie and you’ll see what I’m referring.

Finally, Stan Lee’s cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man is absolutely priceless. I think it’s his best appearance out of all the Marvel movies he has been in.


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