The t-shirt project – Day 86 (Best Movie Ever)

You know, I was one of those guys who would always say the best movies of the holy Star Wars trinity were in the following order: Empire, Star Wars and then Return of the Jedi, but things have changed in my old age. I actually like Return of the Jedi a lot. The themes of corruption and redemption are so good, plus the fight between Luke and the Emperor is kick-ass. I even like the Ewoks. The furry bastards have grown on me. I also have find memories of going to see Jedi in 1983. The line was wrapped around the theater on Oleander Drive in Wilmington.

I bought this t-shirt on sale at the Tatooine Traders for about 75% off in Disney’s Hollywood Studios around 2008. The lightsaber even glows in the dark! You always have to look in the very back of the shops at Disney World for the deals.



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