I saw Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp

Okay. I just got home from seeing Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp.  I loved it.  The commercials make it seem like the movie is a side splitting comedy and it’s really not.  There are comedy elements peppered throughout the movie, but, for the most part, Dark Shadows is a drama that pays a loving homage to the Jonathan Frid television series.

The original 1960’s Dark Shadows cast.

Frid, the original Barnabas Collins, even briefly appeared in the movie. He is a dinner party guest who enters the mansion and greets Depp.

I loved the 1970’s look of the movie and even the acting.  At times, the acting was very reminiscent of the soap opera which was evidently done on purpose.

The Tim Burton cast for Dark Shadows pays homage to the original series.

The story line follows the same one created by Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis and has not only vampires, but witches, ghosts and even a werewolf.  I loved seeing the werewolf since the original 1960s series also featured werewolves, zombies, man-made monsters, witches, warlocks, time travel and even a parallel universe.

I wanted to explore more the Collins family world and hated to see the movie end; however, unlike most Tim Burton movies, this one ended with the possibility for a sequel.  Liam, my Twilight loving son, admitted he liked Dark Shadows and thought Barnabas Collins was cool, but he disagrees with me that Barnabas could kick Edward’s butt. Barnabas would own that sparking freak.  Oh yea.  You know he would.


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