The t-shirt project – Day 80 (WTF?)

My father-in-law, who does consulting work with the U.S. State Dept., brought me back this t-shirt from a U.S. Embassy in Asia.  A sort of t-shirt sale was going on with a hodge podge assortment of different shirts.  I asked my father-in-law who or what in the world was hugging the Statue of Liberty.  He did not know.  I think it looks like a space alien, you know, something from Men in Black.  Maybe it’s just a simple printing error and the manufacturer had lots of these mistakes and sent them overseas where they ended up at this U.S. Embassy “yard sale”.  If anyone knows what in the who is hugging Lady Liberty and what this shirt means, I would like to know. For now, I’ll just accept it as being a quirky mystery.



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