Lego on Hoth

The DerelictLego Snowtrooper in, err... Snow.Guys? Hey, guys? This ain't funny! Guys, where are you? HELLO?Lego Snowtrooper Probe Droid Maintenance SquadBullet Time on HothChewie Misses His Mark
Briefing on Hoth"Guys, I think we took a wrong turn somewhere."Stormtroopers' Perpetual WinterThe Long And Winding Days on Echo Station 3-T-8.The Inconvenient Flaw of the Y-Wing."Damn it, Marcus! This ain't the map of Nepal."
The Magnificient Seven.The Gruesome Fate of the Six-Who-Were-Lost.The Trouble With the Probe Droids.REJECTED FRAME: Early Morning on HothEarly Morning on Hoth.ALTERNATE FRAME: A Day Without War
The Day Without WarSnowtrooper Extreme Guard Duty.Hoth: The Dawn After.Hoth: The Dawn After. Alternate Version.ALTERNATIVE FRAMES: Breaking in the TauntaunBreaking In the Tauntaun

Lego on Hoth, a set by Avanaut on Flickr.

Awesome photos!

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