The t-shirt project – Day 63 (God of Thunder)

Today I’m playing the role of the Thor, the God of Thunder.  Why yes, Thor always keeps his socks in his pocket.  Thank you for noticing.

Bringing down the thunder!

My t-shirt was purchased by my wife at ACME Comics for last year’s birthday.  This year, I told Carolyn to do the same and find ask the manager of ACME, Jermaine Exum, for ideas.  No, I’m not turing 12, I’ll be 45-years-old this year, but sometimes I wonder.

This is such a sweet shirt.

On a recent trip with the family to Southport, NC, I found a full-scale working replica of an 1841 bronze six-pound Civil War cannon named after the Norse God of Thunder.  So bad ass.

I actually found Thor in Southport!


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