Spring time means home improvements.

So Orkin is here today installing in our crawl space a new and improved moisture barrier from the piece of shit plastic we had and putting in new vents that automatically open and close. We’ve been here 9 years and bought the house new. No termites thank god considering the amount of wood and cardboard left under the house. I had no idea. However, we do have mice under the house, but not in the house. Orkin is going to seal up the holes and treat for those furry things too. Evidently, Thumper the cat has not been doing his job. Fat, lazy cat. What’s the cost to do all this work? It’s around $1900.

In addition to the work being done above, it seems that our downstairs air conditioning unit has decided to not work like it’s suppose to work. The downstairs house is not being cooled to settings we set. I do believe the freon is low again. We were told last year, since the unit is almost 10-years-old, freon leaks are common. However, we will need to consider getting a brand new heater/air conditioning unit in the next year or too. I hope this year is not that year. A Gentry Air person is coming over tomorrow afternoon.


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