I saw The Hunger Games

What's this movie about?

Okay.  I’ve seen it.  My two sons, Liam and Garrett, along with our neighbor up the street, Rebecca, met my wife at the Friendly Center Regal Cinema.  No I have never read the book.  Did I like the movie?  Yes.  Was it the best movie ever?  No.  I enjoyed it, but I personally thought it was a little too long.  Maybe that is just the 44-year-old man in me talking.  When you’re checking to see what time it is during a movie, then it means it’s too long, boring or both.  Liam, who did not sit with me, said there was even another guy who kept turning on his phone to check the basketball scores.  Lol.

My favorite character was the one Woody Harrelson played.  Whoever that was supposed to be.

As I already stated, the movie is good, but depressing as hell.  Think of the future as depicted in a Handmaid’s Tale mixed with The Running Man, Lord of the Flies and The Truman Show.  Once the movie got to the arena, things start to pick up, but not by much.  Kids do get killed; however, the killings are not gruesome.  You see blood splatter, but that’s all.   I just wish there was more action.

To tell you the truth, I could have waited for The Hunger Games to come out on Blu-ray.


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