Cool damn car

After seeing The Hunger Games at the Friendly Center Regal Greensboro Grande Stadium 16, I saw this coolest car I’ve seen in quite a long time parked directly outside the front of the theater.  Not knowing the model, I saw it said Nash on the front.  I never heard of the Nash before and doing a little Google research, I think I discovered it was a 1950 Nash.  What was interesting was the fact that the outside of car looked rusted and old, but upon touching it, it seemed it was deliberately painted to look that way.  There was nice exterior wood trim on the outside too.  Another interesting feature were the words Daily Planet Great Metropolitan Newspaper printed on the driver side door.  I can’t recall if it was on the passenger side.  Inside, the car looked really nice with leather upholstery.  A sticker on the inside front and back windows said Press Pass.  In addition, Columbia Pictures was on the back window.  Whose car was this?  Lois Lane or Clark Kent?

1950 Nash I believe.


The logo says it's a Nash.




Even the back looks just as cool.


Inside of the Nash. Since it was dark, I had to use the iPhone flash and it reflected off the window.


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