The family beside us are renting the house they’re living in. We really hated that the previous owners moved away, but they found a better home in a better school district and decided to move on. Since they could not sell their home, the decision to rent it was made. Ugh. You never really know if the family that moves in will take ownership metaphorically and keep the house nice which brings me to what I’m getting around too. The family has a brother-in-law who left his Land Rover at their house for a bit. I don’t know why. Anyway, it leaks oil… bad. They don’t seem to care. I do because I have to look at it. The car was recently moved up the driveway. Once I saw no action was being made to clean up the leaked oil, I proceeded to go over and offer my help. I took kitty litter and sprinkled on the oil patches and I took my son’s old science project cardboard stands and put it under the car. Too much? I don’t think so.

Kitty litter soaks up car oil.


That's my son's science projects from last year under my neighbor's car.


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