The t-shirt project – Day 22

Are you a member of the Mickey Mouse Club?

M – I – C – K – E – Y  M – O – U – S – E!   In honor of Disney’s John Carter opening today, I’m wearing my Mickey Mouse Club t-shirt I bought when I worked at The Disney Store.  The boys and I are traveling to the IMAX in Raleigh to see Edgar Rice Burroughs’ creation.

Yes I worked for almost three fun years at The Disney Store when there was one here in Greensboro at the Four Seasons Mall.  After The Children’s Place bought the stores, I quit because I didn’t want to be an employee of The Chidren’s Place.  I wanted to be a Disney Cast Member!  The perks you get working for Disney are really cool and make up for the minumum wage pay.  50% off Disney resort reservations.  Discounts on park tickets.  Employee discount on merchandise.  I really liked it.  The Children’s Place eventually sold the Disney Stores back to Disney, but during the time they owned them, the store in Greensboro was closed down.  I would love to see The Disney Store return to Greensboro.


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