The t-shirt project – Day 20 (Captain America)

Today’s t-shirt is the Captain American “Death Shield”.  Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, died not too long ago in the Marvel Comics series.  He is back now.  Don’t ask, long story.  Nobody stays dead in the comic books silly.

I really have to think of something else to do when I'm "modeling" these t-shirts.

What's a little blood on Captain American's shield? It'll come off easily.

I remember finding out the death of Captain America one morning while reading, I believe, Yahoo News in 2007.  The news of Captain’s death was release before Marvel published the actual comic.  It was story that had not spread throughout comic land yet and even Jermaine Exum, the manager of ACME Comics here in Greensboro did not know the news.  I emailed Jermaine the news and basically spoiled the entire story for him since his story had not received the advanced preview title yet.  Wow, Jermaine was mad.  I felt bad.


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