Quick thoughts about the new NBC series Awake

  • Why do most shows on television have to always be about cops doctors and/or lawyers?  There are lots of other interesting people in the world.  How about a teacher or even a sanitation worker?
  • Rod Serling would have told this same story in 30 min. on a Twilight Zone episode.  Now the concept is drawn out into a television series.  Will there be other people introduced who are also living parallel lives?  Will an explanation about these dual universes be explained slowly or at all?  I just feel that now that I’ve watched the first episode, I can wait until the last episode to find out the mystery and still understand everything.
  • If the main character is not dead or in a coma, could the story be as simple as a man sharing the same life in two separate worlds?
  • Maybe the Jason Isaacs character is the one who really died in the car crash and not the wife or son.  That’s your twist.  Also, the main mystery seems to be what or who caused the car crash?
  • In addition to having similar elements of parallel realities in Sliders, LOST, Life on Mars, Fringe and even a recent episode of Doctor Who, you can also throw in the movies like Neverlost, Possible Worlds, which was a play and became a movie, and Sliding Doors.
  • The main character will probably wake up and find out that the alternate realties were cause by psychic pollen caught in the Tardis.

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