Liam’s first track meet and run

Liam made the track team this year at Northeast Middle School.  He has been more excited about participating in this sport than any other he has tried in the past.  Carolyn and I have been really supportive of his decision and are really proud of what he has accomplished in such a short amount of time.  In addition to participating in track every afternoon at school, Liam runs around 2 miles on his own here in the neighborhood.  Since this is his first year in running, the track coach put Liam in the 800 meter event and wants him to concentrate on that race for all future meets.  Liam was disappointed at first, because he wanted to run the 1600 meters (1 mile).  I support the coach’s decision.  With the 800 meters, Liam can become a stronger runner and learn how to properly pace himself.  Eventually, he’ll be ready to compete in the 1600 meters, but not until next year.


Liam waiting to be called for his 800 meter race.


The boy’s 800 meter had to be restarted because a runner from Southwest Middle School fell down.



Here is the video of the entire 800 meter race.  Liam did well!  Slow and steady is his name.  Even though he finished in back of the pack, there were a few kids behind him.  At least he didn’t come in last and he finished the race.  Liam is actually running against boys a year older than he.  We started Liam in school a year early so in reality, he should be in 6th and not 7th.  Considering this is Liam’s first year running ever, I think he did a GREAT job!




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