The t-shirt project – Day 9 (Incredible Hulk Series)

This Hulk t-shirt is from the now defunct Steve and Barry’s clothing chain.  Remember Steve & Barry’s?  It was a really good clothing store where everything, including shoes, was a Steve & Barry name brand item that was priced no more than $20.  Most items within the store were priced around $6.98.  Sarah Jessica Parker and even tennis star Venus Williams has their own clothing line.  NBA point guard Stephon Marbury also had his own clothing line and a basketball sneaker called the Starbury One that retailed for $14.98.   Marbury, who developed and endorsed the line, wore the sneakers during the entire 2006-2007 NBA season.  The t-shirt selection at Steve & Barry’s was AWESOME!  So many characters and logos to choose from.  When the second Hulk movie came out starring Edward Norton, Steve & Barry’s had several really nice t-shirts that tied into the film.

The "Steve & Barry's" Incredible Hulk movie tie-in t-shirt

Really nice design of the Edward Norton Hulk


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