The t-shirt project – Day 1

My last post about my “cartoon uniform” got me thinking.  I have a lot of t-shirts.  A lot.  I have so many, I really don’t wear all of them.  My drawers are filled to the max with t-shirts.

My drawers are full of t-shirts.

Look more shirts!

The spill over is stacked in my closet.  I never really get to the t-shirts in my closet.  When I do decide to wear a t-shirt out of the closet, it usually smells musty.

I have a big stack of t-shirts in my closet.

So here is what I’m going to do.  Starting today, I’m going to wear a different t-shirt  every day of the week and post a photo of me wearing it.  Why?  Why not?  Why am I starting today?  Because I just thought of this awesome idea!  So here it goes.  The first t-shirt to be posted!

Day 1


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