Rooms To Go Sucks!

January 15th

Pissed off. I bought this chair two months ago from Rooms To Go.

Piece of crap Rooms To Go chair!

Now it sounds as if it’s broken. Seat is sinking and something sounds like it’s cracked under the seat.  I will be calling customer service to get a credit because I do not want another chair.  This is actually my second chair of the same model. The first time it was delivered to me, the bottom right part of the chair was broken. So frustrating.

January 30th

Okay. Update. I had a Rooms To Go technician come out to my house last Thursday (January 26th) to look at my new chair. It sounds as if it is broken when you sit in it. The Rooms To Go guy looked at the chair and said he saw nothing wrong except for a noisy spring. He tried to tighten the spring, but could not. He told me he would have to send in his report that the chair is not broken. He also said when customer service calls to be nice and they may work with me because I am unhappy. Well guess what? The Rooms To Go representative just called today and said unfortunately, since the chair is not broken and it is structurally sound, there is nothing Rooms To Go can do. I told the lady if I had gone to the Rooms To Go showroom and actually sat in the chair, I would not have bought the thing. I also said that I don’t want my money back. I only want credit so I could buy a different chair from Rooms To Go. Again, no luck. As a result, I informed the “kind” Rooms To Go customer service representative that I have Twitter and Google+ and I would be spreading the word that Rooms To Go is not the place to buy furniture. Also, if someone asks me in person if I recommend Rooms To Go I’ll definitely say no. So there.


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