My day today

My kids are off today. It’s a teacher work day. Yes. Today is a freaking work day right after a long Christmas break. Isn’t that crazy? We’re stuck in the house. Right now, it’s as cold as a witches’ tit out. To me it’s cold. Mid-30’s for a high with some wild winds.

I had a dentist appointment this morning at 9:30. No cavities. Hurray! I have never had a cavity at all. I have beautiful teeth thank you. After visiting the dentist, the kids and I went to GameStop. We are always at a GameStop it seems. I picked up a Gamecube game I had saved for me called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The total was $5. I love collecting the Gamecube stuff.

After GameStop, we went to Burger King for an early lunch since we didn’t eat breakfast. I got the new BK Chef’s Choice Burger.

"A damn good burger."

It was really good and is basically the same thing as the steak burger at Jack in the Box. I also tried the new Burger King fries. Sorry Burger King, they are basically the same fries, but thicker.

Once we scarfed down our food, we then stopped by ACME Comics in Greensboro so I could pick up my books that were saved for me. I finally gave in to Jermaine’s, the manager of ACME, insistence that I try the new Swamp Thing. I bought a few issues and added the title to my subscription list. I have resisted the new Swamp Thing title because I am a BIG fan of Alan Moore’s run and I actually have all of his issues that he wrote.

Now I’m home hiding in my office while the kids and their neighbor friend are upstairs in the movie room playing WWE 12 on the Wii. I need to finish re-watching Thor on DVD so I can return it to our local video store. Yes. I still frequent a video store that rents DVDs. It’s one of the last stores of its kind in Guilford County. Even though there is a Redbox next door at CVS, I continue to go the video store. It’s called Front Row Video and it’s located on Hicone Road. Check them out.


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