Mr. Mom scene

So I have all the kids home early with me this afternoon.  Garrett, Liam and our neighbor Kyle.  They are sitting in the living room eating snacks, like they didn’t get enought at the school party, playing iPod Touch and watching a movie.  You know what movie they choose?  Mr. Mom.  It’s playing on one the HBO channels now.  It’s interesting watching this movie and seeing how the attitudes about stay-at-home dads and even women have changed.  Michael Keaton’s character was just in the grocery store emmbarrased to buy Kotex maxi pads.

Shoot.  Stuff like that doesn’t bother me.  I’ve asked for help in finding the right kind of vaginal cream .  Lol.  Also what stuck out in the movie to me is the scene where Teri Hatcher starts work on her first day and goes into the meeting room with our the cigarette smoke.  How odd is that?  So odd, my kids asked me, “Where is all that smoke coming from?”  My how times have changed.


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