Fun at Ft. Fisher State Recreational Area

While at Ft. Fisher State Recreational Area this past Saturday, a really nice place to enjoy the beach with your dog, the wind blew our side van door and hit car beside me causing a gentle abrasion and can buff out.  The man was pissed.  He was in his early 20’s and has a wife and baby.  They were unpacking their car.

The guy has metallic blue 2010 Dodge Avenger.  Very anal about it evidently.  He shouldn’t have parked so close to us.

I (Chris) was getting the cell phone out of the passenger side.  When our door knocked his car, he immediately came over and asked me, “Did you do this?”  I wanted to say no a ghost did it.  Our van door didn’t break the paint and the mark looks like it could be easily buffed out.

He then threw his hands up in the air and said something.  He said he wanted the insurance involved.  All the while his wife was holding the baby and beach stuff.

He has same insurance as we do.  USAA.  Even though the mark my door made was a blemish and it looked like it could be buffed out, he wanted insurance involved.

Just got through talking with USAA rep handling the claim this morning.  It’s being filed under collision.  Weird.  Even though our cars were not moving, you’re supposed to have control of the door at all time, even if it is windy out.  There’s a chance our car insurance rates will go up just because our door made a small mark on his car.

The park ranger named Jeff who wrote a damage report and looked at the guy’s car even told him this can be buffed out.  He also told him while you’re at it, might as well get this other mark fixed.  Sure.  As long as we’re not blamed for that other mark.

The guy lives in Ft. Bragg and is going to have someone look at his car “damage” today.  USAA is even sending someone out to look too.  I told the USAA rep any repair should be just for a small blemish.  It didn’t even break the paint.  If we had car wax and a towel with us, we would have buffed out the mark on his car at that moment.  Amazing.  It’s just a car dude.  I should’ve blamed a ghost when he asked me if I did it.  Let the spirit world handle this headache.  Whatever.


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