R.I.P. Kara the hamster

Our cute little pal Kara the hamster passed away this past weekend.  She had been getting along in age (almost three years old) and had, in the past few months, showed signs of a tumor under her right chin.  Amidst her advanced age, tumor, off-balance, and wanting to sleep most of time, she never failed to come out of her little nest to great someone, accept a treat, or get some attention.  She loved it.  Sometimes I would say, “You dummy. Stay in bed. You’re dying.”

This past Saturday night (12/18/10), I noticed Kara rustling around.   She did get some water and was arranging her nest.  I thought nothing of it.  Around 1:00 am after I watched Saturday Night Live, I checked on Kara and found her laying on her side in an opposite corner of her cage.  She couldn’t get up and her breathing was really labored and short.  I knew she going away.  So I took the top off her cage and just gently rubbed and talked to her.  Kara died at 2:11 am Sunday morning (12/19/10).

It seems silly to be upset over a hamster, but I don’t care. I liked her.  Even when she completely ruined my family vacation to Myrtle Beach two summers ago.  At that time, Kara had escaped her cage.  I stupidly left the door unlatched. When were ready to drive off to South Carolina, I discovered she was missing.  I told Carolyn to drive on to the resort at Myrtle Beach and I would look for Kara.  Once I found her, I would be drive on down.  It me two days to find her.  She had made a nest inside the kitchen cabinet beside the dish washer.  Upon taking out the dish washer, I loosened a water hose and flooded the kitchen floor.  I wanted to strangle that rodent when I finally got to her.

Kara the hamster was cool.  We will miss her.

Kara the hamster

Kara the hamster

Kara the hamster

Kara the hamster


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