R.I.P. Nibbles

R.I.P. Nibbles

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I was the one who took care of Nibbles the most, even though she was Liam’s pet. For a gerbil, she lived a long time. 4 years. I just wish she could have died from old age than from the mouth of a cat. Yes. She had an open backyard that she could enjoy. Thumper has encountered her many times before and she escaped with minor bites, but not this time. I hadn’t even had my coffee this morning when I found Thumper with Nibbles in his mouth. Carolyn woke up at 7:30 am and had just let Thumper inside. She then went upstairs. I came downstairs at 8:00 am and started chasing the cat. The kids, Carolyn and I had a nice funeral for Nibbles. We buried her under a birch tree in our backyard. Thumper tried to join us and we tossed him inside the house. Dumb cat.

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One thought on “R.I.P. Nibbles

  1. HEY LIAM!!!! Im his bff at school! I cant believe I found him on the internet! :O Tell him I said hi from sarah!!
    Im also at TMSA. Liam is very funny! 😀 Hes in almost every period with me! He should go to the lock in!

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