The boys, the dog and I

I had a great day today.  Even though I am tired, all is good.  The Greensboro Gallaghers got a dog.  She’s a 6 month old Corgi mix and her name is Ruby.  The boys call her Ruby Tuesday.  As a result, the Rolling Stones song is always in my head. Ruby came from the neighbors up the street.  They already have a pretty Pug and felt that the Corgi wasn’t getting the attention she deserved.  Their son suggested Liam may like a dog.  From that suggestion, an email was sent to us this past Sunday.  We accepted the challenge and brought Ruby home.   She is so sweet and smart!

Today, the boys and I took Ruby with us on our errands.  We went to the brand new Dollar Tree near us on Hicone Road, PetSmart, Redbox, Wendy’s, Battleground Park, and the Post Office.  When we got home, the poor thing went to sleep!

Ruby, our six month old Corgi mix, taking a nap.

Ruby, our six month old Corgi mix, is taking a nap.

Right now, at 10:23 pm, she’s sleeping on her green blanket which is on the fold out couch.  Both boys, Liam and Garrett, are sleeping too.  Garrett is beside Corgi and Liam is on the other couch.  I’m watching WWE RAW and checking out emails.  All is good.


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