Doctor’s Appointment Today

The following post is compiled from my Tweets today on Twitter:

I went to see Dr. Massey, my doctor, today for a general check up and to get a refill on medicine for my high blood pressure which runs in my family.  The blood pressure medication also controls my WPW palpitations.  My blood pressure jumps all over the place. It was kind of high today at 145/84.  It was taken again by the doctor and it was 130/84.  Sigh.  Usually my blood pressure runs around 119/85.  I guess I was nervous at the doctor’s office.  The nurse called it “white coat” syndrome.  Dr. Massey didn’t seem too worried.  He did get some blood taken from me to check my potassium level and asked me to pee in a cup.  That’s always fun.  Since my dad lost a kidney due to renal cancer, my doc wants to monitor my urine for any trace amounts of blood just to be sure.  Otherwise, I’m healthy as a baby gorilla.  Oh, and my official weight is down to 207.  Woo hoo!  My goal is 190.  I can do it.


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