The Crazy Father And Unruly Children

Wow.  I just got an interesting visit from a neighbor concerning his kids.  In order to clear my head, I wanted to make a record of what happened.  I have also changed the names where needed, but everything is true.  If you live in Reedy Fork Ranch, you probably know these people.  Besides the father being a lunatic, another member of the family is missing lots of teeth and the youngest kids are always dirty.  I mean they literally look as if they do not bath a regular basis.  Here’s the back story.  Liam, my 9-year-old, has been having issues with an 11-year-old girl (who we will call Kara) in the neighborhood and her 5-year-old brother (who we will call Anthony).  Evidently, Anthony has been picking on Liam, basically being a pest, by calling him names and swinging his coat and book bag at Liam.  Liam gets so aggravated at this little 5-year-old brat that he pushes back sometimes, yells, or chases the kid when he gets off the bus.  I’ve told Liam to ignore him or tell the bus driver.  Liam says he doesn’t want to tell the bus driver because she wouldn’t do anything, but more on that later.

Yesterday, all the neighborhood kids were playing in the cu-de-sac and running around our backyard.  I repeatedly told the kids not to get in the flower beds, go into other people’s yards, or venture into the woods.  Later, I look in the cul-de-sac and the kids, including my son Liam, were arguing.  I ventured out the door and told Liam and the rest of the kids to stop fighting and then go back inside.  Liam later comes inside and tells me that Kara said, “He can’t tell me what to do.”  That set me off.  I immediately go out and call out to Kara that I want to talk to her.  I basically said that I don’t like being talked to behind my back.  Also, I asked her why we all can’t get along since we live in the same neighborhood.  I asked her to help me with her brother.  I told her I have spoken with Liam, but I need her help.  I then go inside.

Today, I meet Liam at the bus stop and he says Anthony was again being a pain, but this time he told the bus driver.  Liam said the bus driver basically told Anthony to keep his hands to himself and to not touch anyone again.  Anthony gets off the bus with Liam.  I pleaded with Anthony to stop doing the crazy stuff and please be good.  Kara was not on the bus today.  She had choir practice.

Later, around 4:30 pm, I hear the doorbell ring and a really loud banging at the door.  I thought it was one of my kids, but the door was unlocked.  I opened the door and standing in front of me was Kara with her pissed off dad.  He’s a little shorter than me.  I’m 6’ 1’’.  He has a goatee and was wearing what I believed to be a racing car ball cap.  The entire family is a strange one.  There are rumors of lots of drinking on the parent’s part.  Their house is unkempt, one of their cars was towed away by the city of Greensboro for having no tags and sitting on the street, the kids are unsupervised most of the day, every day.  And so on and so on.  “I understand our children have not been getting along,” said the pissed off dad.  “Yes,” I replied.  “I understand that too.  There have been issues on the bus…”  Before I could finish, the pissed off dad (who I will call Bubba) immediately went into a tirade.  “I heard you threatened my daughter yesterday and cussed her out.”  I was really confused.  I did talk to Kara and the rest of the kids.  I did speak sternly, but I never cussed.  “I didn’t cuss at your daughter.”  “Yes you did!” said Bubba louder.  “No, I didn’t.”  “Yes, you did!” replied Bubba again.  He looked at Kara.  “Did he cuss at you honey?” asked Bubba.  Kara, with her hands balled up over her mouth looked at her dad and shook her head up and down.  “He said one word,” replied Kara.  “What was the word?” asked Bubba.  “Fuck?”  “Yes”, said Kara.  Bubba looked at me and got closer to my face.  I could tell he wanted to rile me up.  “What kind of person would say fuck to little kids?  What kind of person would threaten my daughter?”  “I didn’t threaten your daughter.” I replied calmly.  “Yes, you did.” replied Bubba again.  “Do you want me to call the police?  I can do that right now.” asked Bubba.  “Why would you do that,” I replied.  “You would be wasting the policeman’s time and money.”  He then said, “What kind of person would say those things to a kid?  I know you stay home and don’t work, but I just don’t know about you.”  I immediately thought what does my staying home have anything to do with our kids not getting along?  The pissed off Bubba went on with his crazy rant.  “If I hear you ever threaten my daughter again, I will come over and knock you head off.  Also, I’ve given my oldest son permission to kick your son’s ass if he touches Anthony again.”  So much has come out of this man’s mouth, my head is spinning.  Plus, he just threw two obvious threats at me. He then shows me his cell phone.  “I want you to know that I’ve called the school board and the school principle and let them know what has been going on.  I let them know Liam has been beating up on Anthony at school and on the bus”  “Okay.”  I calmly replied.  I immediately thought did he do this today?  It seemed to me he was blowing out a lot of hot air and was trying to provoke me into doing something. I then noticed Kara laughing at me.  “Sir, your daughter is laughing at me.”  Bubba looks at me and yells, “No she is isn’t.”  “Yes she is,” I said.  Bubba looks at Kara and asks, “Are you laughing?”  Kara shakes her head sideways.  Her hands still balled up in front of her mouth.  She then immediately bursts out with short laugh.  It was the kind of laugh a kid does when they are being reprimanded, but don’t want it to appear their laughing.

At this time, my wife drives up the driveway in her Volkswagen Beetle and see’s the confrontation.  I look at Bubba and tell him he is not only wrong, but also crazy and asked him to get off my property.  He wouldn’t move.  “Get off my property now,” I said to him more sternly pointing to the cul-de-sac.  Bubba stopped in the driveway and proceeded to tell Carolyn that I threaten his daughter, cussed, etc.  Carolyn immediately stepped up to him and says, “My husband would never do that.”  “Yes, he did,” he replied.  Carolyn then looked at Kara and said, “Oh Kara, I’m so disappointed in you.  Why would you say such a thing?”  She didn’t say anything.  “Please leave now,” I tell Bubba as I headed down the front steps.  He then walked away with his arm around Kara.  I heard him basically tell his daughter, “If he ever says anything else to you, I’ll knock his head off.”  I also heard Kara laughing.

In closing, I’m thankful the police were not called.  I don’t have the time to deal with a crazy man, who may have had either been drinking or was on some kind of medication, much less have to go to court.  I do know this.  If the older brother does lay a hand on Liam or if I ever get another visit from Bubba, the police will be called.

Man, what a day and it started out so well!


11 thoughts on “The Crazy Father And Unruly Children

  1. I am going to comment here as well as on Twitter because this type of thing truly gets to me, especially as I like to think that I both have nice children, and am a fairly nice person.

    A 5 year old picking on someone is a problem, seriously. That’s quite young isn’t it? To be a bully, especially. Now, if someone told me that my child had been bothering his or her child, my first reaction would be horror at the thought. I’d not storm over to scream at the accuser. This man is obviously a nutcase and I imagine his children will grow up thinking that they can bully their way in the world. Sadly, they may be right in thinking that.

    I think about my son, who’s quite sweet, intellectual, and sensitive, and I really dread the day when I have to confront someone whose child has been mercilessly picking on him for whatever reason. However, when you’re dealing with someone who has a bit of sense, it’s not that difficult. Sadly, your neighbor doesn’t seem to have the sense to find his way out of a paper bag with both ends open.

    I hope Liam’s ok. Luckily he has a strong Irish name. Just get him listening to The Pogues and make him a potato dish, and don’t ever ever ever let him think that being a jerk is ok.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I told both of my boys to stay away from that family. When we are at the neighborhood pool and if they’re there too, they should ignore them. What gets me is that his daughter was back over with some friends in front of house later. Don’t you think the dad would have told his daughter to stay away? I get the bad feeling that both the girl and her brother will continue to pick at Liam and Garrett and tell them something like “My dad will come over and beat up your dad if you mess with us.” The girl, from what I understand, had a crush on Liam. I always thought it was strange that a girl two years older than Liam would always be ringing our dorr bell. I have the feeling I haven’t heard the last of her crazy dad. Sigh.

  2. Hey Chris

    Want me to stop by and take care of the problem, with your help of course? When I get finished talking to him, I will make him sound like Mother Teresa compared to me. Just ask you Dad on that one! Bubba sounds like he should be doing some time in a padded cell. As far as his kids are concerned, they will certainly meet their waterloo soon enough, if they don’t straighten out. But look at their example they have to look up to! Tell Liam & Garrett to hold their ground. Or you could try what our Aunt Grace always said: “Kill em’………………….with kindness of course” and that might work. But you are right about one thing, you have heard the last of that crazy bastard. In fact, maybe you should file a police report, just to cover your butt to to be on the safe side. Chris, you are certainly a great dad and a very good person and that is what Bubba is pissed off about!!

    • Thanks Uncle Frank. Even though I was calm as a cucumber, I was still a little bit shaken up. I’ll only call on the police if any harm comes to my boys or if he comes banging on my door throwing threat around again. He had to be high on something. It was really strange.

  3. Chris,
    I don’t remember having this type of trouble when we were growing up together. After reading about your problem and your uncles solution here is another option. I can bring Big Eddie, Fred and myself up for a weekend visit I am sure you know what I mean. I also have a friend who is from your area, who has a friend that will take care of problems like this for a simple pack of gum.
    Talk to you later,

  4. Wow so that’s how it went down. I told Carolyn about a month ago I did not like the girls or adam in my house since they are not supervised and believe mom is coo coo. my son on the other hand doesn’t even want them around because their dirty ans smelly. I feel so bad that happened to you, you are such a nice dad and caring . I am glad he didn’t come to our door because I don’t think hubby would have handled it as calmly. You handled it well and i specifically told hubby last night to go to the bus stop today bacause anthony keeps bothering kyle and kara doesn’t tell her brother to stop. The boys have been dealing with their nonsense for awhile now. My son is not allowed to interact with them anymore although i’ve been telling him to stay away from them and some others for some time now. Some of these neighbors really need to get a grip.

  5. Are you kidding me? Chris, you know me and my temper. You know of my complete disdain for stupidity. And that I have no tolerance for bullies.

    For Bubba sake, I am glad I do not live in GSO anymore. Stay strong, my brother. Bubba will find his comeuppance in spades. Tell Liam to be civil in public and avoid that family without missing out on the joys of having fun. H e is already more of a Man than a good Ole Bubba.

  6. Now that I read your details without all the chaos swirling around that this event caused the boys and picture you and Bubba going back and forth…I laugh (not behind folded hands). The whole thing was/is odd and surreal. I appreciate you taking the upper road. I love you.

  7. Chris—I think this same family lived in the townhouse next to me in New Bern!!!!! Neither parent could keep a job, they never mowed their lawn and I always wondered if they failed to pay the water bill & that is why they always looked like they could all use a good scrubbing.

    Bubba sounds like he is that parent who thinks his children will never ever do any wrong. WORD TO THE WISE….trust me, they will. Being the mother of 2 teenage girls and constantly having teenagers around….has really been an eye opening experience… handled the situation with dignity and grace.
    Bubba probably went home, popped a top, proceeded to scratch himself and thought, “Boy, did I scare the crap out that Dad or what…”

    Kudos to Liam for being the bigger person….

    Let’s all toot Chris’s and Liam’s horns…BEEP, BEEP!! Way to go…

    • Thank you Joy. As you and a lot of people who know, I hate conflict. I’m always the one who listens and tries to be level headed. As Hillary Clinton once said in one of her books, it takes a village to raise a child. If I’m the only parent around and the neighborhood kids are acting up, I see nothing wrong in approaching these children and telling them they are doing something wrong. I guess my neighbor feels differently.

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