A Couple Of Thoughts About The LOST Season Finale

If Jacob is a manifestation of the Egyptian god Sobek, could our LOST crew be physical embodiments of ancient gods and goddesses?  I’ve always thought logical explanations exist behind fables and mythologies.  An actual thing happened to start these stories.  Maybe Jacob and our LOST cast are not gods, but have a simple connection to the first advanced civilization on Earth.  Maybe the LOST cast (Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, etc.) just don’t remember their connection or role in this cosmic loop.  Jacob saying “They’re coming” could refer to the Egyptian god Sobek calling on his suitable gods and goddesses required to protect people. The teaser for next season showed what looked like Jack laying on his back and opening his eyes just like the first scene from the very first episode.  I hope if the LOST crew find themselves back at the beginning of their journey or in 2007 that they remember everything that has happened to them.

The statue on the island could be the Egyptian goddess Taweret.  She was a deity of protection in pregnancy and childbirth. As a protector, Taweret was often shown with one arm resting on the sa symbol, which symbolized protection.  Taweret also was show on occasion to carry an ankh, the symbol of life which would be used to threaten evil spirits.  Taweret was also the wife of Apep, the original Egyptian god of evil.  The Egyptian god Apep was seen as the deification of darkness and chaos and often thought of as being a snake.  Smoke monster anyone?  The Egyptian god Apep often fought with Ra the Egyptian sun god.  Sounds a lot like Jacob and his opponent at the start of the show.

I like the theory of the statue being Taweret.  The photos and drawings I find of  Taweret show only four toes.  It all fits.  Nice.


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