Where The Star Trek Television Series Spin-Offs Went Wrong

In my opinion, there are two areas where Star Trek television series spin-offs went wrong.  First, why do all the aliens have to look alike?  Star Trek aliens eventually became actors with only bumps or ridges on their foreheads.  Whatever happened to the classic aliens as portrayed in the original series and even, to some degree, the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine?  Aliens like the Horta in “The Devil in the Dark”, V’ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and even Odo in Deep Space Nine.  I know it was explained in the Next Generation episode “The Chase” the reason alien cultures look humanoid is because an ancient race pre-dating all other civilizations embedded a common genetic pattern into their DNA, but that’s boring.

Second, do all aliens have to speak English with a European accent?  Don’t give me the universal translator garbage.  Again, boring!  The last series, Star Trek: Enterprise began wonderfully by having Hoshi, the communications officer and linguistic genius, learn and decipher alien languages at a moment’s notice.  There were no universal translators. Not knowing what a new alien race was saying heightened the suspense and made the story seem real.  Eventually, it seemed the writers on Enterprise got lazy and soon we were again hearing aliens, with bumpy foreheads, speaking with accents.  Ugh.


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