Latest Update On My Dad

My dad has been fighting brain tumors which are the result of his renal cancer.  He has had a kidney removed.  He also has tiny nodules in his lungs that have not grown, but are being watched.  My mom sends out updates when new news arrives.  I’ll start posting her updates here and will add some past updates at a later time.  My purpose in doing this is for cancer patients and their families, who may be going through the same renal cancer treatment or just found out they have cancer, to be able to find a good person, just like them, going through the same thing.

The following is my mom’s latest email:

We are in awe of your prayers and best wishes.  Apparently, many of you have a direct line to the ‘Big Guy’ because Pat is doing quite well. He has been home from the hospital for a week, and gaining strength each day.  He does use the hospital bed we set up in the dining room but spends most of the day in his recliner;  passing out orders to his lowly subjects.  The distant future plan is to send the hospital bed back and install a ‘Chair Lift to assist him upstairs.

The physical therapist has been twice this week and she was impressed by his progress and strength.  He has graduated from soft foods and is on a regular diet.  He does complain when I come at him nightly with his injection for the blood clots, and the continued treatment and bandaging of the surgical incisions.  He says if he could get a motor on his walker he thinks he could out run me. He will not go back on a Chemo drug just yet, he will have another full body CT the last of May.  If the lung tumors are stable they may wait another three months to revisit additional treatment. If he does require treatment, it will probably be an alternate drug therapy.  The assumption is the  ‘Sutent’ could have been a player in the infection, but  this theory is still under evaluation. As for now, spring has sprung; the sun is warm, the yard is in a riot of color and the hummingbirds have returned home to heir feeders.

Life is good, hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours.

Our best to you and yours,

Linda and Pat Gallagher


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