Obama’s Supporters Already Feeling Let Down?

It’s happening sooner than I thought.  It looks as if Obama’s supporters, at least here in Greensboro, may be starting to feel let down.  This morning, while reading the editorials in the News & Record, I came across a really interesting letter.

The following is the actual letter to the News & Record editor:

As a concerned taxpayer and poor person, Mr. Obama, please listen to my opinion about the $700 billion bailout.

First, put autoworkers out of jobs building cars. I realize putting autoworkers on the street will hurt them, but give them jobs building other stuff like prisons and hospitals. Just for a year or so. There are enough cars sitting on car lots in America to give a new one to every licensed driver. When these run out, then start building more cars.

Next, instead of having to buy out carmakers, give the money to the American people to do with as they need. Food, clothing and shelter come to mind. Instead of bulking up an industry that really could use a rest, bulk up Americans. Food and medicine for the young and old is a good idea. Shelter for the homeless or the poorer working person is a good idea. Educate the American public, send the unemployed to school to learn a new trade or job skill.

Mr. Obama, do you remember the platform you were elected on? You were for the little man. Well, the little man like me is still waiting for our president to come to the aid of his country.

Where are you?

Vicky Allison


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