Orange juice, water, lightly sweetened ice tea, coffee, 2% milk, and an occasional beer

2009.  A brand new year.  A brand new list of resolutions.  Joy.  I kind of like the beginning of a new year.  Even though it is just a calendar thing and nothing really is different, it feels like a fresh start.  It’s a time for me to clean out the house and get rid of stuff we no longer can wear or use and donate them for the tax write off.  It is also a time where you can attempt to better yourself by making a list of resolutions.  I have five resolutions that I will work on.  I think five is a good number.

I am trying to loose weight.  According to my BMI, I am 20 pounds overweight.  I am 6 ft 1 in and weigh 210.  I need to weigh around 190.  Not impossible.  I was 190 once before.  How will I do this?  Well, I can exercise again.  Last year, I use to walk 4 miles every morning at 4:30 am before getting ready for work.  How did I do that?  I wonder myself.  I hate exercise.  I use to run 10 miles a day in high school.  I use to love running.  However, my knees hated it and the pain eventually caught up to me in college.  My exercise now mainly comes from just being a Mr. Mom.  Since last January, I found myself laid off from my job as a technical writer at Lenovo and reassuming my role as a stay-at-home dad again.  I love it!  I am always busy keeping the house straight and keeping my two boys in line.  Maybe I can motivate myself to start walking 4 miles again.  That is resolution number one.

No more sodas.  It is basically liquid candy.  Most of my weight gain is from soft drinks.  This is hard for me.  I love Coca-Cola.  I love the brand so much that the kids and I visited the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, GA last year when Carolyn went on a business trip.  I own Coke stock and I collect the Coca-Cola My Coke Rewards points.  Instead of drinking a Coke, I will drink Minute Maid orange juice and Dasani water which are both Coca-Cola products.  I’ll also just drink lightly sweetened ice tea, a cup of coffee in the mornings, 2% milk, and an occasional Sam Adam’s beer (which I am a proud stock owner).  That’s all.  That is resolution number two.

I will no longer buy stuff I do not need.  I remember reading about a guy who tried an experiment of only buying things he needed to survive for 1 year.  He bought things like food, gas, and spent his money on utilities.  He even gave up cable (I’ll have to search for this story and post later).  He saved a lot.  I can’t do what he did, but I can stop buying things like DVDs, online music, t-shirts (love superhero t-shirts!), comics (I have subscriptions to She-Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Action Comics, but I’ll let those subscriptions run out), etc.  I’ll still rent movies, go to a movie with the kids, and buy an occasional dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts or a chicken wrap from McDonald’s (I own stock in both of those fine companies).  I’ll try not to overdo those things.  That’s resolution number three.

I’ll continue to invest in my Roth and IRA accounts.  This is important.  Any extra money (which is not a lot) I get will go into investments.  This is the time to buy stock and mutual funds.  This is resolution number four.

Finally, I will work on paying off our debt by not using the credit card.  I hate owing someone money, especially the banks.  It seems towards the end of the year, all sorts of unexpected things that cost money popped up.  The Toyota mini-van had to have two major repairs.  One repair involved the air sensor and another was replacing broken door handles on the driver side and passenger sliding door.  The refrigerator quit working and needed to be repaired.  The washing machine broke and needed to be repaired.  Liam got spacers (kind of like braces) put in.  The gas heater quit on us (the gas regulator went bad.  New one installed.  Bill on the way).  The city of Greensboro came knocking for their yearly property and automobile taxes.  We bought presents for Christmas.  I guess life just happened, but it sure costs money!  Resolution number five.

So there you have it.  Wish me luck.


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