Sitting in my underwear, hooked up on coffee, and eating Monkey Bread. Merry Christmas!

It’s here.  The one day kids, and some adults, dream about all year.  Christmas day!  I’m enjoying a second helping of homemade Monkey Bread (thank you to my beautiful wife) and drinking a cup of Starbucks Christmas blend while wearing only underwear and a Captain American t-shirt.  For my wife and me, it’s just another day of keeping the boys happy, picking up stuff off the floor, and standing in the kitchen.  The older Carolyn and I get, the more it seems each day melds into the other.  Is it me or does time go by faster the more your age increases?

I was up to about 1:30 am last night being Santa Claus.  It was fun setting the toys out and preparing the stockings.  I watched a little bit of one of the midnight Catholic masses on television and then switched over to the Discovery Channel in HD to watch some of a MonsterQuest marathon.  Bigfoot can really be a mean son-of-bitch!

I wasn’t the only person up late.  I looked outside to see many houses with their lights on.  I imagine lots of parents like me assembling things for their kids while they finish off that six pack of Samuel Adams Holiday Porter or third bottle of wine.

This may sound crazy, but the one thing I look forward to all year on Christmas day is watching the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade.  I know it is commercialism at it’s finest for the Disney company, but I don’t care.  People who know me understand I love Disney a lot.  Main Street USA is the happy place I escape to in my head when I get stressed out by the kids.  However, I probably will not get to watch the parade.  The kids won’t be quiet, they don’t like parades, and I’ll be involved in something else.  I’ll have to DVR it and watch it tonight.

Liam, my 9-year-old son, was up this morning, I am told, at 4:30 am!  He woke up Garrett, my 7-year-old son,  around 6:00 am.  I know there will be a meltdown today from someone.  Liam has already been kind of bossy to his brother about not doing something right with the Guitar Hero Wii game.  A little yelling then ensued.  Sigh.  I’ve also been fussed out by the same son for suggesting we go see the movie Bedtime Stories tomorrow instead of this afternoon.  I know the reason Liam is acting this is from a lack of sleep.  He get’s crazy mean.  Happy Holiday’s!

My wife, Carolyn, is currently in the kitchen preparing the turkey breast for an early dinner and watching some of the Christmas Story marathon on TBS.  She is so good.  I love her cooking!

It has stopped raining here in Greensboro, NC.  The kids will be wanting to go outside soon, knock on their friend’s doors, and ride their new scooters.  I must go upstairs now, take a shower, and make up the beds.  It’s just another day in the life of a 41-year-old stay-at-home dad.


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