Low-key Gallagher Christmas at home for 2008

My family and I decided to try out a new tradition this year.  On Christmas Eve, we opened the presents to each other.  Everybody was in the house by 5:00 pm.  We ate dinner, had our baths, made coffee, and let the wrapping paper fly.  It was nice.

Gifts this year were really modest as compared to last year.  My wife received jeans, socks and underwear from Kohl’s that she was asking to get.  Liam opened the game Battleship, Ratatouille DS game, WWE Mysterio long sleeve shirt, and a Kinetics set.  Garrett got a mechanical bat that flaps it’s wings and flies, WWE Mysterio long sleeve shirt (Yes, there is a pattern here.  I am taking the boys to WWE SmackDown Live this Saturday!), Ratatouille PSP game, and a Kinetics set.  I received $25 gift cards to my most favorite places in the world which are Blockbuster, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and McDonald’s!  My family also got me their annual give daddy a new Krispy Kreme t-shirt, the 3-disc set for the new Incredible Hulk movie, a M-O figure from the movie Wall-E, and the Heath Ledger Joker figure.  Nice.  I am loved.  I did take pictures of our happy family moment, but the camera is not co-operating with me in getting the photos on the computer.

Tomorrow will be low-key.  Santa has a few presents for the kids and that’s all.  We’ll have Monkey Bread for breakfast, turkey and all the fixings for a late lunch, and then I plan to take Carolyn, the boys, and and their neighbor friend to see the Disney movie Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler.  However, it’s still Christmas Eve as I am writing this blog entry.  I have to stay up later than my boys so I can play Santa and put out their main gifts.  Liam knows Santa is not real.  He is 9-years-old.  Garrett, on the hand, isn’t so sure.  What did they get?  Well, they both got a Fuzion Asphalt Ultimate Carving Machine Scooter and they both will get and share Guitar Hero Aerosmith for their Wii.  Yes, I got an extra guitar so they both can play along.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas with their families.  Enjoy the moment.


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