Former Asheville, NC teacher criticizes and scares her student because they liked John McCain

Okay, I’m taking the gloves off and going in hard.  This story makes me all kinds of mad!  I saw this on our local Fox news channel last night.  It shows part of a Finnish documentary about the American election.  In the video, we see former Asheville, NC 4th grade school teacher Diantha Harris belittling Kathy, her McCain supporting student.  The poor girl is obviously distressed over the teacher’s line of questioning and is made to feel uncomfortable in front of her school mates for supporting McCain.  Ms. Harris even goes after the poor girl’s father asking the little girl if she wants her dad to be Iraq for 100 years because John McCain wants to fight for another 100 years. The girl looks scared and is most likely worried if her dad is going to be okay.

I understand a person can be passionate about their candidate, but this is wrong.  Teachers are suppose to be neutral in the classroom right?  Not only am I upset that this happened, but it burns me up that her McCain facts are all wrong too.  We know McCain did not mean we would fight in Iraq for 100 years.  As a educator, this women should know better than to preach her politics in class.  If it were a teacher criticizing Obama, she would either be immediately put on suspension or possibly fired.

You know what else really makes me mad?  As radio commentator Glenn Beck has pointed out, this story would never would have been reported here in the United States.  It took a Finnish documentary crew to expose this information.

Diantha Harris no longer is employed in Asheville, NC.  A simple Google search revealed she now teaches at Mary McArthur Elementary in Fayetteville, NC. She is listed as a 5th grade teacher at this school; however, it looks as if the link to send her email has been removed from her nameIt also seems the link to send email has also been removed from the school principle’s name, Lola B Williams.

Concerns about Diantha Harris (teacher/indoctrinator) can be sent to:

Mary McArthur Elementary School
3809 Village Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone:(910) 424-2206 Fax: (910) 424-3451

Lola B. Williams
Mary McArthur Elementary Principal


One thought on “Former Asheville, NC teacher criticizes and scares her student because they liked John McCain

  1. This was the most horrific verbal attack on a child that we have witnessed. Not only the event, but since Kathy’s dad was overseas can you imagine the nightmares for her until he arrives home? What if, worst case event, he were to die in service? What would little Kathy be feeling like the rest of her life due to the trauma this irrational woman inflicted upon this little girl? This woman is not fit to talk to children, let alone teach them. If she has any children CPS should check in on them. I see a strong case for mental cruelty and abuse. Is this what Obama wanted?

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