A revolution is coming in 2012


I’ve been thinking.  A Gov. Sarah Palin and Gov. Bobby Jindal ticket for 2012 is a great idea even though Palin makes the old timers in the Republican party nervous and scared.  How else can you explain the criticism Palin is getting from members of her own party?  I have a feeling the Republicans will want to pick Mitt Romney, but I think Palin and Jindal are the future of the GOP.  However, four years is a long time in politics and things can change.  Who knows, a new champion of the GOP may rise up and become a star just like Obama did for the Democrats.  In the meantime, Palin should finish her remaining two years as Governor of Alaska and make a decision if she should run again for Governor or run against Alaskan Republican  Lisa Murkowski for her Senate seat in 2010.  In 2012, she should announce her candidacy for President and choose Bobby Jindal as her VP.  Jindal’s term as 55th Governor of Louisiana will be over at that time.

Fred Barnes of Fox News mentions a Palin/Jindal ticket for 2012 would be a good idea during the October 2008 Americans For Prosperity (AFP) ‘Defending The American Dream” conference in Washington, D.C.


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