Why are McCain aides treating Palin like dirt?

Why is Gov. Palin being treated like dirt by members of John McCain’s campaign?  Palin lifted McCain’s campaign up to political heights it never would have achieved without her.  I don’t believe a single word of this report.

On the O’Reilly Factor, Fox News’ Carl Cameron reported that a McCain-Palin rift was partly caused by Gov. Palin’s lack of knowledge of basic civics, politics, and geography – and her unwillingness to prepare in light of those those deficiencies.

I think some members of the Republican party (I don’t know who since no one has come forth and claimed responsibility for these comments) are trying to make Palin go away for good.  They need someone to blame for McCain’s loss.  Also, this bashing could be the result of knowing Palin could return in 2012 and hinder efforts for a new Republican star to rise such as Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.


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