Joe Biden drinking?

Glenn Beck refers to himself as a conservative who happens to not be a Republican.  On his show, Beck addresses many current political, social, and economic issues using traditional conservative governing principles.  He has an interesting question concerning Joe Biden.

The following is from the Glenn Beck Show:

Is Biden drunk?

It certainly would explain a lot of the idiotic things the guy has said on the campaign trail, and it would explain why he’s been shut down by the Obama campaign. All the guy is tasked with is saying ‘hope and change’ and he goes out and says things like ‘hey, if you elect Barack we are going get tested by our enemies’. Brilliant, Joe. Anyway, here are the videos that show evidence of possible mass alcohol consumption by Joe Biden. There are no facts to back this claim up whatsoever, but take a look at these videos and decide for yourself.

Check out this video (that looks like Biden—but no one has either confirmed nor denied if it’s actually him):

And look at this one from the campaign trail:


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