Largest U.S. re-enlistment (over 1200) in Baghdad, Iraq not widely covered by the major news outlets?

I like this photo.  God bless our troops!

Largest U.S. re-enlistment July 4th Baghdad, Iraq

Largest U.S. re-enlistment July 4th Baghdad, Iraq

According to, this event on July 4th, 2008 did happen; however, contrary to the claim in a widely circulated email, snopes reports that the ceremony was reported by the media and they give a link to several newspapers.  Okay.  However, I don’t think this story was front page news.  Also, MSNBC, CNN, ABC news, and CBS news (who happen to all be declaring Obama the winner by pushing these crazy polls) did not make this event a top story.  I would have remembered it.  I watch the news all the time and flip from one channel to another to get different opinions.  I don’t remember this.

Here is actual video of this spectacular event:

In my research, I did find a transcript from Meet the Press for July 15, 2008 where Sen. Lindsey Graham mentioned he was in Iraq when this re-enlistment ceremony was held.

In a Google search, I found that NBC 5 News in Chicago ran a report that a pizzeria in Chicago sent 2000 pizzas to Iraq on July 4th.  The only part they left out of the report was the event for which the pizzas were sent. When the link is clicked, the story is not found anymore.

If anyone can find any major news coverage of this re-enlistment, I would like to know.

I hate the bias in the news, especially when they have been pushing for Obama’s candidacy since the day he announced he was running for President.


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