Obama actually said in 2004 he was not qualified to run for President

Holy cow!  Why hasn’t the McCain campaign used this in their ads?  Why are we not seeing this 2004 interview reported by the talking heads on all the news programs?

In 2004, Barack Obama ruled out running for President in 2008 because he did not have the experience.  Obama said he is believer in knowing what you are doing when you apply for a job and if he were to seriously consider running on a national ticket he would essentially have to start immediately without having served a day in the Illinois State Senate.  He also says some people may be comfortable in doing that, but he was not one of those people.

This is something and, if this is what he thought at the time, it really reveals that Obama’s candidacy has actually been orchestrated and pushed by other people such as David Axelrod.  Also, where is all of Obama’s money coming from?  I thought people were broke.  McCain has released his donor list.  Obama needs to release his donor information.


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