Rev. Stephen Broden (McCain Supporter) On Huckabee

I find Rev. Stephen Broden an interesting man with a lot to say.  Back in October 2008, Rev. Stephen Broden (McCain supporter), Rev. Myron Cloyd, and Mike Huckabee discussed politics and the pulpit on the Huckabee show.

Rev. Broden points out that the Rev. Martin Luther King said to not judge a person by their skin color, but by the content of their character.

Here’s a link to the most recent appearance of patriot Rev. Stephen Broden on the August 31, 2009 Glenn Beck program.  He doesn’t agree with the direction the current administration is taking our country and is fighting against what he believes is Barack Obama’s socialist movement to change the country towards Marxism.


22 thoughts on “Rev. Stephen Broden (McCain Supporter) On Huckabee

  1. I heartily agree with Reverend Stephen Broden’s comments on the Huckabee TV broadcast of Sunday, October 12, 2008. He is a man of clear mind, Christian principles of uncompromising goodness, and courage of his convictions. I admire these qualities and hope, if I am confronted with similar problems that challenge me, that I can emulate Rev. Broden’s actions, standing for what is right rather than buckling to pressures of a governmental (IRS or other agency) Goliath. God be with you Reverend Broden, Sincerely, Warren F. Rosenbaum, Pleasant Grove, UT (a Christian, not a Mormon)

  2. What a refreshing moment to hear not only a pastor, but a pastor on national television stand up and speak the truth of what is happening in this nation today. Reverend Broden is a mighty man of God and my prayers are with him as he stands for what the Word says, and how the lives and records of the candidates line up with that IS the most important thing that should guide our voting. Sure wish I lived within riding distance to hear his sermons live! Keep speaking the truth from the pulpit. We need to hear more of this in the place God selected to be the truth position!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Rev. Stephen Broden’s position. I still don’t understand Rev. Cloyd’s position. According to Wikianswers 4,000 civilians and 2,873 soldiers have died in the Iraq war. There are 1.3 MILLION babies killed every year from abortion in the US alone. So, Biblically, I’d say abortion is THE issue to consider, not the Iraq war. Thank you Rev Broden, and I KNOW God will richly bless you as you continue your Biblical stands.

  4. I was deeply moved and exhilarated by the moral clarity and conciseness with which Reverend Broden spoke on the Mike Huckabee show the other night. I was born and raised in the Catholic Faith and have been very disappointed by most of the Catholic clergy’s inability or reluctance to speak on the key issues that Reverend Broden listed. God has truly blessed you with wisdom, courage, and the communication skills to eloquently speak the Truth.
    God Bless You

  5. I am (was) a lifelong Democrat until this administration took power. This administration is the most deceitful, arrogant, anti-constitutional administration in history.
    I am a Glenn Beck fan and think of him as a great patriot. Who’s knowledge and ability to find facts and bring them to attention in a fair and balanced way is amazing.
    In the process of being a Glenn Beck fan, there are those who think that would make me a Racist, which couldn’t be further from the truth, which leads me to writing this.
    On the Glenn Beck show today, there was a Pastor by the name of Stephen Broden, an African American, (by the way). Who spoke so eloquently about his beliefs; politically, phylisophically and religious views. I will always be aware to read and study information coming from his mouth.
    He is surely an American Patriot and just hearing him for the short time I did, I found it very refreshing and gives me great hope for America.

  6. God Bless Pastor Stephen Broden for being so eloquent and clear how you stand because I’m standing with you. I hope my nation wakes up before it’s too late. This Administration is out of control and dangerous. Let’s bring this man down fast.

  7. Why have we not seen more of this pastor, and those like him? The MSM does not want the public to see that other African Americans are against obama and his socialist czars, that’s why. He wants all the African Americans to believe it’s teh white devil, that they are fighting. Just like Sharpton and Jackson and Wright. If you want to see more of what this man says, you should look at these two videos and see what he is telling his congregation to do. He is telling them to not just sit there wringing their hands, to get up and fight against this socialst take over. Go see it here: and spred it around.

  8. Caught Rev, Broden on FOX news last night. Where has
    this man been. Would like to see him on national TV daily. God Bless him. We are in desperate need for men of this
    quality to step up and speak the truth.

  9. Evil sees good as evil and good sees evil through absolute. Psychoses dominates the evil mind. Evil has a bio-chemical mechanism unknown to scientists.
    Glenn Beck is a threat to the evil mind-set. So is Sarah Palin. For this reason the demon comes out because the evil-ized individual feels the threat. The image of God is the threat. This is observed in the far leftists and progressives who wish to change America to feel more comfortable in it, no threats from absolute and Creation. Today, they believe that they are winning therefore we can now see through it in the White House, The Congress and in there narcissism. Understand the latter and then understand why we have evil in government, particularly Obama and his guilty cohorts. Hitler and Mussolini were no different. It is all suicidal in time but they wish to bring civilization down at the same time. God created humanity and his competitor is Satanic which wishes for total destruction. It is happening now in America very quickly. Call for revolution.

  10. By the way I have the solutions, the cures and the remedies to turn it all around although the future may be inevitably painful. Mankind will not change for the better without pain and suffering. For this reason we have self-denial to avoid the pain. Drugs, music, entertainment, even wrong religion is some of the self-denial of absolute. Escaping the oneness with Creation is self-denial, the greatest mental disease in the world. Go to and locate the answers.

  11. God Bless Pastor Broden and his followers.
    His words ring so true now more than ever…this is the time…this is the moment of truth for our country.

    We have been on the wrong track since 1/22/73(Roe v Wade decision). We must be on God’s path in order to right the wrongs that are happening in America.

    I do pray for him, my country,my children, and my grandchildren.

    I pray the “silent majority” wakes up and speaks up.

    Now is not the time for men to stand by and do nothing. This is it…the hour of Judgement for America..

    Thank you for letting me post.

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  13. Pastor Stephen Broden is a National Treasure. You are more articulate than anyone I have heard in years. You must go on national TV and radio to express your thoughts. It is so refreshing to hear someone as clear and concise with obvious true wisdom speak his mind. Yes, you are reflecting my opinions, but more clearly and positively than I could ever manage. The country needs your presence and countenance to remind them that we are strong and united and will not sit on our butts and allow the destruction of our country by a handfull of extremist socialist secularists anymore. I truly wish that your church was nearby so I could benefit from your sermons in person. I will encourage my fellow church members to contribute to our mutual cause. Thank you for your expressions of brilliance in such straightforward fashion.
    K. Lou

  14. Is there any way to get a copy of the conversation Pastor Broden held with Glen Beck on the show 08/03/09. We missed it and heard only the very end of the show. I can find it on the internet but do not have voice on the computer so I still cannot hear it. Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me where I can get this conversation.

  15. Reverend SB has his eyes on the prize, winning his local election in Tx. I wonder what % of the black and or white vote he will recieve, what say YOU !

  16. This guy, Broden and Sharon Angle want to take back the government with firepower if they don’t win in November. Is that what you want in 2011? How many innocent people must die for your agenda to be met? Oh, I forgot Iraq… I certainly hope you have more brains than that.

  17. I agree 100 percent about protecting our Constitution and doing whatever has to be done. Voting and doing what is right is first and foremost.

    Have you noticed how the ethnic groups bind together when they are believers in Christ? We are one. I am white, but my soul is the color of the Reverand Broden’s and all Christians is.

    We are all lining up and the side are drawing lines. Frankly this world is getting to be a big bore and I am waiting for Christ, but they will not take it over without a fight. It is all we and our children have for now.

  18. One more thing. I am proud you are an American, Mr. Broden. You stand up and speak from your heart. I am also proud to be an American. People like you help give the strength those from the other side are trying to destroy.

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