McCain supporters are not racists

As a McCain supporter, the majority of McCain and Palin voters are not racists.  It disturbs me when people say.  Unfortunately, there are racist individuals pulling for both McCain and Obama who are voting on the issue of skin color alone.  This is dumb.  I have even read an article from Associate Press writer Douglass K. Daniel suggesting Palin’s comments about Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers is racial.  We must ignore these idiots and concentrate on the issues such at the economy and the fact we all need take responsibility and “live with our means” and not seek handouts from the government.  Ever since I “came out of the closet” for McCain, it kind of bothers me that some people may think my vote could be racial.  However, I am comforted by the fact that people who know me can verify that is not the case.

There are a lot of excellent websites, newspaper articles, interviews, and YouTube videos from African-Americans who support McCain.  I really like MSNBC Republican strategist Rev. Joe Watkins.  If you have time, click the links.  A couple of the links may need time to load.

As I have said before, I do think Obama is going to win.  It is his race to lose at this point.  Even though there is some questionable baggage both candidates are carrying, I believe both men are strong leaders.  I do hope if Obama does win, the American public is patient.  Overall, the country is impatient when times are rough.  Obama has a lot of great ideas.  However, how many of his campaign promises can he keep in 4 years, especially if the Republicans gain control of the Senate and House of Representatives down the road?  Will the voter turn on Obama if, let’s say two years from now, the economy is still bad and the war on terror has not improved?  I don’t know.  Obama will have to prove he can reach across party lines and get things done.  I really would hate to see Obama become another lame duck President who can’t get votes passed.  Maybe Hillary Clinton should become Senate Majority Leader.  She would definitely help Obama bring both sides together.

I will support Obama if he wins the White House.  It will be exciting.  However, if Gov. Sarah Palin agrees to run for President in 2012, you know what I’m going to do.


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