Senator John McCain has once again changed the Political Game

Our country is on the verge of another Great Depression. I just hope Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. is not hiding anything and has really told the American people the truth. How do we know Treasury Department will value these troubled investments fairly and not buy them for more than they are worth? How would this benefit the American taxpayer? As much as I think the government should not bail out the stupid people who bought more house than they could afford, this bill does need to be passed. However, it should be written so the public knows everything.

Obama should stand with McCain and delay the first Presidential debate for a few days. Would it really be so bad to have the debate on Monday or Tuesday? I think Obama’s advisers want him to continue because he is leading in the polls. Yes, I’ve heard from Democratic analysts that McCain’s campaign suspension is a political move, but we don’t know if that’s true. If the bailout is not passed by Friday afternoon and the debate goes on as scheduled, how much will actually be achieved? There will be a lot of arguing and finger pointing, but in the end, we will still be in our financial dilemma. I think it is a bold move for Senator John McCain to suspend his campaign, cancel interviews, and not even run any television or campaign ads until the bailout package is passed.

John McCain and Barack Obama are still U.S. Senators. They both should be working together to urge all members of their respective parties to not only fight for the bailout, but also make sure this bill is written for everyone and not just to save the butts of the big CEO’s and investors of Lehman Brothers and AGI. I really do think if a decision on the $700 billion bailout is not agreed on by this Friday afternoon, Obama will be debating an empty chair. McCain will not show up until this bailout bill is passed by both parties. We all know the Democrats in congress are all for the bill.  When Obama goes to Washington today, he should roll up his sleeves and show the American people he can reach across partisan lines and work with McCain to get the entire Republican Party to pass this bill.


2 thoughts on “Senator John McCain has once again changed the Political Game

  1. What do you mean he claims he has? I have not seen any McCain advertisements on television today. I am a stay-at-home dad and I keep the television on the news channels. I have seen a lot of Obama ads. Obama is still continuing with his attacks.

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