New-clear plants?

You probably noticed the spelling of nuclear plants as “new-clear plants” in the text version of Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech.

I’ve been looking around and the “new-clear plants” typo in the Gov. Sarah Palin speech was written that way on the teleprompter for correct pronunciation purposes.  As a broadcasting student from East Carolina University, I know this kind of thing is commonly done.  However, the text of the speech that went out should have been corrected to nuclear.  Oops.

Also, this is interesting.  Halfway through the Sarah Palin’s speech, some people following what was being scrolled on the teleprompter noticed she was deviating from the prepared text. According to sources close to the McCain campaign, the teleprompter had broke and continued to scroll during applause breaks.  As a result, the text had moved significantly from where Governor Palin was at in the speech.  Palin continued, from memory, relying on her printed text by looking down occasionally without the teleprompter cued at the appropriate point.


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