I’m so mad at Senator John Edwards!

I’m really mad and sad at the news that Senator John Edwards has admitted to a sexual affair.  What really makes me sick is the fact that Senator Edwards flat out lied to the public when he was questioned about the affair early in his Presidential campaign.  He lied!  This really makes you wonder if you can really trust a politian espically a politian who once was a lawyer.  What secrets is Obama hiding?  Except for Hillary, I am so sick of the Democrats.  I am going back through this blog and deleting all entries I made during my past excitement about Senator Edwards.  Good riddance.


One thought on “I’m so mad at Senator John Edwards!

  1. Look people the truth of the matter is that most men have affairs and those who do not wish that thay could. Edwards sex life is none of my business nor is it any of yours. The main thought is would he be a good at the job he is trying to get elected to not whether he has a perpetial erection.

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