Hillary rally at Guilford College on 5/2/08

I picked up the boys early from school and drove over to the gym at Guilford College this past Friday to attend the Hillary Clinton rally. I was just hoping to be able to see her, but we got to stand right beside the podium. Both Liam and Garrett were picked to be in the group behind her while she talked, but Garrett decided he much rather stand beside me. The Secret Service guy told Garrett he didn’t blame him and he would rather stand beside dad too. The boys were really interested in the Secret Service men.

Liam and Garrett both got to meet and speak with Hillary. She even signed their posters. Garrett also stopped the NC Governer Mike Easley and asked him to sign his poster. The Governor said some stuff to Garrett which I didn’t hear. Garrett just shook his head up and down and said, “Yes sir.”

In the picture below, Liam is standing right behind Hillary holding the campaign sign up high.

Liam at the Hillary rally!


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