I support Hillary Clinton for President

I support Hillary Clinton for President.  She is by the far the one who is most ready to be our Commander-in-Chief.  Obama has been preaching about being the change candidate, but that is all he has been doing.  He gives a mighty fine speech, but what are exactly the changes he is talking about?  As far as I know, he has not outlined any plans or described what he is going to do. Strange.  He also seems to think that once he becomes the President everyone on both opposing sides, Democrat and Republican, will come together in one big hand holding sing along.  I really hope the voting public gets a clue before it is too late.  I would hate before going into the Democratic convention that Obama has the lead in primary totals, but Clinton gets the win based on super delegates.  I’m sure there will be chaos. Clinton needs to take back the lead in primaries before going into the Democratic convention.

I am also kind of mad that people are assuming and have been declaring Obama the winner and our next President.  Don’t count out Clinton Mr. Obama or even Senator McCain.  Until that final vote is counted will we then know who the next President will be.

I also resent the race issue that has been created.  Yes, Obama is not running as a black candidate, but some of his supporters have been keeping the race issue alive.  Now, our former President, Bill Clinton, is being lableled a racist!  The nerve!

That’s my point of view.


2 thoughts on “I support Hillary Clinton for President

  1. Well I don’t agree with voting McCain, and this article has some interesting points to think about:


    The French have their own Obama in Sarkozy and in the UK we’re still finally getting rid of Blair who was a consummate Obama. His pre-1997 rhetoric promised the world – in the end it turned out he was more conservative than the guy he turfed out and delivered no substantial ‘change’ worth speaking of. For every small increment of genuine change he did pioneer, the status quo was reinforced even greater elsewhere. Look for Obama to be exactly the same if he wins the nomination and election (the latter of which I strongly doubt).

  2. Obama hasn’t outlined any plans nor described what he is going to do “as far as you know,” because you haven’t bothered to listen to him speak on the subject and haven’t visited his Web site–http://www.barackobama.com/issues/–where such information is available. In reality, Obama has outlined his plans, proposals, and policies in greater detail than has Clinton, which is in line with his belief in greater transparency in government. He has revealed his 2007 tax return, for instance, whereas Hillary refuses to do the same.

    You say that Hillary is the one who is “ready,” but you don’t elaborate. Why do you think that way about her? What about her experience leads you to such a conclusion?

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