Greatest Wild Animal Video…Ever!

Howdy.  I just found this video on YouTube.  This has got to be one of the greatest wild animal videos ever shot.  A pride of lions attacks a baby water buffalo, drags the baby into a lake, where a crocodile attacks and tries to steal the little buffalo, until the herd of buffalo return to save their baby!  Wow.


One thought on “Greatest Wild Animal Video…Ever!

  1. Yo – just stopping by for my usual (and random) fill of the thought beast…sounds like the family is all doing well so that’s very cool!

    Catherine (the girl I met and eventually married up in NY while I was down working with you at Amex) and I (and the two boys) recently moved to a new house in NJ (Gillette, NJ to be exact)…things are going well but we are still living out of boxes right now…

    Anyway if you get a chance drop me a line sometime ( ) oh and if/when you are in a bookstore browse on over to the computer section and look for “Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails” by Kevin Marshall (and Chad Pytel and Jon Yurek)…it’s my latest book that just got published! I hear it makes a great Christmas gift for all members of your family (so buy lots and lots of copies).


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