April 25th LOST episode

After seeing last nights LOST, I am now thinking the castaways are in a place that can be only described as Hell. If the parachute lady is correct and the Losties are indeed dead, they may be caught in a parallel dimension resembling our own world, but is actually the afterlife. The mysterious Jacob that Ben and the Others refer to could be a physical manifestation of the devil such as Randall Flagg in Stephen King’s The Stand. The smoke monster could be eluded as being like the three headed dog Cerberus who guarded the underworld in Greek mythology. I think the story of Desmond and his girlfriend Penny is a twist on the myth Orpheus and Eurydice. Instead of Desmond venturing into the depths of Hell to rescue Penny, she is going after him. Also, everyone who crashed on Oceanic Flight 815 and, according to the parachute lady, died has the ability to recover from wounds and injury quickly. However, members of the Others, such as Ben, do not have a healing ability or at least we haven’t seen this happen. In addition, most of our Losties have done bad things in their past and are considered “bad” by the Others. Where do bad people supposedly go when they die. Could it be that the Dharma project knows of a way into and out of Hell? Could it be everyone who is not an Other is actually dead and just don’t know it? The creators of LOST did say the show does not take place in Purgatory, but they didn’t rule out Hell.


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