This weekend…

The boys and I are going to Wilson, NC on Saturday to see the movie Monster House.  It is showing in Wilson, NC.  Why Wilson?  Well, The movie was made to be shown in 3D and Wilson has the only all digital theater in the North Carolina that is showing Monster House in REAL D (Digital 3D).  I’m really keen on seeing this movie in 3D.  Only 200 theaters in the country are equipped for the new REAL D (Digital 3D) projection and little Wilson, NC is one them! The digital theater in Greensboro does not have this feature.  I bought tickets online at Fandango for the 2:50 showing.

I went to see my family doctor yesterday, Dr. Massey, and my blood pressure was 122/84!  This is without medication.  He took it twice and the readings were the same.  Dr. Massey said I am one of those people whose blood pressure bounce around.  Last week, my blood pressure at Dr. Klein’s office was 150/100!  Dr. Massey gave me some samples of a beta blocker medication to take for 4 weeks.  I can’t remember the name.  I started taking it yesterday afternoon.  1 pill every day.  I will go back in 4 weeks so he can see if anything has improved.

Today I go in for my echocardiogram with Dr. Klein at 3:45 pm. 


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